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Former owner Ilona Stinnett says she’s a little sad to be leaving the Heart of Blount Antique Mall, but is looking forward to her retirement and she is sure that new owners Janette Hamby and sister Daphne Quesenberry will do a great job. “We’re very excited about taking over the antique mall,” said Hamby. On Sunday, June 29, Stinnett put together a “Thank you” party at the mall to introduce the new owners and thank the customers who have been so faithful to her in the past. “I came into this [FULL STORY]

Wears Valley Ranch offers summer camps

Openings still available for sessions in July Wears Valley Ranch in Sevier County is once again offering summer camp opportunities for kids looking for a great adventure. Camp Arrowwood, held at Wears Valley Ranch, is a five-night residential camp open to children of all backgrounds between the ages of 8-14. “This year, we will have four camp sessions with a maximum of 48 campers per session,” says camp director Seth Houser. “Each session begins on Sunday and ends Friday, and we speciali [FULL STORY]

Pigeon Forge Rotary Club

The Pigeon Forge Rotary Club works diligently on its annual craft show during the month of October, and in the springtime the purpose of its efforts becomes clear. At the regular scheduled meeting held May 21, using funds raised through the craft show, the Pigeon Forge Rotary Club presented scholarships in the amount of $1,250 each to 12 high school students. “I am absolutely thrilled that Pigeon Forge Rotary Club has continued our long tradition of awarding scholarships to deserving young peop [FULL STORY]

Collectors drop big change for pop machines

When Bill Williams of Texas was a boy in the mid-1940s, there was a Coca-Cola model 33 Slider outside a local business. “If we didn’t have a dime but had a bottle opener, we would open a bottle of Coca-Cola, stick a straw in it and drink it while the bottle was still in the machine,” he recalled. Williams now owns his own 33 Slider. He is among the growing ranks of collectors buying, restoring and displaying vintage soda pop machines. A good way to determine the approximate age of a soda ma [FULL STORY]

Ask the expert

l Q: Can you give the value of this $5 gold coin? I have a family member who would like to sell it, but we have no idea what it is worth. A dealer in the the area said it could be worth up to $200,000 to the right collector. l A: If you are offered more than $275 to $300 for your “Classic Head” coin, you are doing great. Your coin is a common date (1824) in very fine grade, which is nothing special. Perhaps you should offer it to the dealer for half his price ($100,000). You will likely hear, [FULL STORY]

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